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Where Does Credibility Come in Your Sales Approach??

The words ‘credible’ and ‘sales’ don’t always sit well in the same sentence.

Salespeople are notorious for hard-nosed and spammy sales techniques. But, these old school cold calling, door knocking techniques lost their potency years ago.

To this end, David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing, asks, “What tools of the trade are you providing your salespeople with to do their job in way that isn’t cringeworthy and doesn’t send your prospects running for the hills?”

It’s a subject he’s currently discussing at length with multiple businesses that are exhibiting at the Business Revival Series, at Excel London, on 9th & 10th March 2022.

M3 Media Publishing is the show’s media partner and is offering support to the 350+ exhibitors who will be participating in David’s online Thought Club events from August 2021.

Time to Re-Invent the Sales Wheel

David explains it’s a premium opportunity for businesses to support their salespeople by providing them with previously untapped ways of getting the right eyes on them ahead of the show.

“The Thought Club events offer exhibitors the opportunity to form relationships and collaborations with other exhibitors ahead of the game,” David explains.

“But, there’s much more to it. In addition, we help by creating editorial articles that shine a spotlight on the issues that are really bothering your clients.”

“These articles are featured in a relevant selection of my 10 specialist digital publications, giving credibility and social proof you don’t get from buying advertising space… And you certainly don’t get from badgering prospects to death”  

He goes on to explain how businesses can harness this clever and unique business development structure to support their salespeople to achieve more sales more credibly.

Credible Content Gets Credible Results More Quickly

It’s tough for salespeople to persuade prospects to visit them on an exhibition stand, or arrange a follow-up meeting afterwards, if the prospect doesn’t already know, like and trust them.

“A prospect has to know you, and understand that you can help with their problem before they’re ready to sign up.

David Lomas

“But if they don’t know you, they’ve only got your word for it that you know what you’re talking about.” David continues.

“Your salesperson ideally needs to demonstrate authority and experience without the prospect feeling like they’re being sold to”.

But, how can they reach this pole position without conversations and meetings?

This is where circulation of the content in M3 Media’s publications is a fast-acting and credibility boosting tool.


“If they can provide content that resonates deeply with their prospects, a deeper conversation can happen sooner, more fluidly, without the need for that awful, spammy hard sell,” he concludes.

M3 Media Publishing is offering a thought leadership programme to help exhibitors at the Business Revival Series to adopt a more credible approach to getting business not only at the show, but in many other ways. 

M3 Media’s Thought Club will be exhibiting at the Business Revival Show. But you can contact David Lomas via or in advance about leveraging credibility to ramp up sales productivity.

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