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When Can Thought Leadership Be Used To Gain Clients?

Mention M3 Media Publishing’s Thought Club and people might automatically think about content.

It’s unsurprising when David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing, is known for his loud and proud passion for content.

The production of thought leadership articles for members by his editorial team is the axis his unique content marketing system revolves around.

Take a look at any of the well-read business magazines in his portfolio. They’re bursting with thought leadership content.

Another equally impactful part of Thought Club is the monthly online networking events and regular smaller targeted discussion groups.

And, as you’d expect of David, they’re not just rooms full of hopefuls thrusting business cards in each other’s faces.

Conversations Get Collaborations

The events and discussion groups are built on the same principles as the content side of Thought Club membership. Both are about avoiding sales pitches.

At the event, the focus is on questions and answers, starting conversations that can be followed up on a consultative basis. It’s almost a reverse sales psychology.

“Thought leadership conversations are most successful when they’re about the other person, not about your business,” David explains. “Most people get it the wrong way round. But, let’s be honest, we’ll all talk all day and night about our problems and challenges when we’re given half a chance. And that’s what adds another dimension to impactful, thought-provoking conversations.

Time-Saving Business Matchmaking

Thought leadership serves a broader purpose than gaining new clients and it isn’t primarily a sales platform.

“This level of thought leadership conversation certainly isn’t about anybody feeling like they’re being sold to.”

David Lomas

“The people who attend our events come to be inspired to think in a different way. But, naturally, it can kill two birds with one stone and result in sales without going through all the stages of the sales process.”

At a recent 15-head round table discussion group, for example, a senior partner of a 300-partner law firm posed questions relating to moving premises.

He told David afterwards, “I learned so much from all the valuable input people gave and there was at least seven people around the table I’d like to speak to again.”


“We’re in a privileged position that demand to attend our networking events and discussion groups is always high, “David concludes. “So, we can cherry pick who we let in.

“This way, I can ensure the right balance of people. Yes, of course it can gain clients, but it’s on a different level than selling.

“Having said that, it’s just as much of a priority for us to work as a business partner of our members. We’re always trying to find clients to put them together with. And we encourage them to bring their contacts as guests to our events, too.”

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