How We Work With You

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For those people who don’t consider themselves as sales people, we can take the ‘selling’ out of the whole process

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing



We first arrange for one of our journalistic writers to interview you and get a good understanding of your business and your specific target audience.


Published Content

We will then write 3 full-page articles, which we will publish in one of our magazines.

Each article will focus on a subject relevant to your target audience, will contain suitable comments from yourself with a link back to your LinkedIn profile.

Note: As a bonus, we will distribute your article some 15 times over the next 2 months, to our audience of 70,000+ followers and connections.

M3 Media Publishing content in magazines

Creation of 3 Blog Posts

We will include a valuable backlink from each of your articles to a corresponding blogpost which we will create for you to then add to your website.

Note: The blogs and backlinks add SEO value to your website.


Content Structure

Creation of a landing page for you, which will include:-

  • Introductory words (focused on your chosen target prospect)
  • A *video – e.g. May illustrate how you have helped other businesses with their issues and challenges.
  • A case study, written by us and produced as a co-branded report for your website/landing page. (Available only via email)

*This video can be used very effectively in several other areas of your website and for other marketing purposes.

Note: This video will also add SEO value to your website.


Marketing Help

We will send you our Content Marketing Guide and instructions on how you and your team can use content to gain followers, connections and reach new customers.

Our team of writers, digital experts, web designers and content marketing specialists are here in support when needed.