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What happens if, instead of content coming from you, it’s about you?

This is one of the key principles behind our magazine publishing. We’ve devised a platform for you, where we can position you as an expert using powerful, third-party content.

Our portfolio of digital magazines focus on different sectors but also include general business commentary, news and stories. This way, we can cover a broad range of issues and appeal to many different audiences, which is ideal for you.

What would it mean for your business to be featured in one of our magazines?

Business Aspects Magazine shines a light on important business issues with insightful comment and opinion, focusing on the stories and questions that matter to a wide range of people in business.

It acts as a platform for the specialist interests and knowledge of our clients and works to attract their target audiences by addressing their pain points.

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Manufacturing Matters Magazine

Manufacturing Matters Magazine is for anyone involved in manufacturing, those businesses supporting manufacturers, and the businesses and commercial customers manufacturers themselves serve.

As manufacturing enters a period of technological change and innovation, Manufacturing Matters positions you at the forefront of manufacturing commentary and opinion.

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Export Experts Magazine examines news and issues to do with international trade, global commerce and exporting, including logistics, manufacturing, international finance, trade deals and marine insurance.

Export Experts Magazine provides you with the perfect channel to give you online exposure as experts in your particular field.

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Marketing Aspects Magazine is the right place for businesses to discover how to raise their profiles and build their brands. It’s also an ideal forum for marketing professionals to get their voices heard.

The magazine is the perfect platform for marketers and communicators, but also a source of professional comment, opinion and insight for anyone interested in marketing.

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With a targeted audience of HR directors, business owners and managers, HR Aspects Magazine covers the many varied aspects of people management and human resources.

In an ever-evolving area, and where changing law continues to have a significant impact, we put you at the very heart of things, positioning you as an expert.

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Property Aspects focuses on vital issues to do with the built environment, including property and construction, and architecture and design. Through compelling stories we highlight your insightful commentary and opinion.

Property continues to hit the headlines and Property Aspects Magazine puts you centre stage when it comes to the issues that count.

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Tell Us Your Story

We have got the right platform to tell your story and boost your online credibility, whatever sector you serve or work in.

Storytelling is a key means of unlocking the potential what you can offer others. It helps build your brand’s authority by focusing on the issues that matter to your customers and clients.

We can help you by positioning you as an expert in your field, informing and engaging your target audience with lively, relevant content.

Talk to us today about your business and the audience you want to reach.

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