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For those people who don’t consider themselves as sales people, we can take the ‘selling’ out of the whole process

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing

Knowing that your advice and support helps the companies that you work with grow their business is one of the most rewarding aspects of doing what you do.

But when you are working on your own account (so to speak) selling your own services is something that many people struggle with.

Picture The Scene...

You are about to make a call to a new potential client, a company that you’re hoping to work with in an advisory or consulting capacity.

Imagine how it would feel if, before your next prospect even spoke with you, that they already know:

  • All about you
  • How you helped other businesses
  • How you could help them

That would make your “sales” conversations a lot less like sales, wouldn’t it?

You can cut to the chase and focus on exploring how you can use the skills that they already know you have to help them best.

Our Personal Profile Booster will help you shorten your sales cycle, and ensure you’re only having conversations with people who have already become “warm leads” through your digital engagement with them, and your positioning as a subject matter expert – a thought leader, even…

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