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Enjoy your free taster session of Thought Club

Have you ever stopped to consider the time, effort and resources that you put into identifying and approaching new clients, suppliers or potential business partners?

Could that time be spent more effectively?

On what matters most – That is you talking directly with those prospects, once they’ve already been pre-qualified.

Just imagine. No more having to make faceless cold calls. No more hoping the person you want to speak to will be available – or if they’re not, waiting for them to return your call. No more employing costly telemarketing.

Quite simply – no more hassle, stress or inconvenience, and a bunch of suitable prospects that are happy to have a conversation with you.

Well, that imagination can easily become reality if you take advantage of the opportunities available to you through M3 Publishing’s Thought Club.

And if you’re not there, there’s no doubt your competitors will be. How can you afford to miss out?

Thought Club is a new and innovative form of collaborative business networking.

Many people can be put off by the negative connotations often associated with networking – a hot and stuffy room, full of over-enthusiastic salesmen who want to thrust their business cards into your hand and have more interest in hearing their own voice than paying any real attention to what you have to say.

Quite simply, Thought Club reverses this as events and discussion groups are about avoiding sales pitches. No-one leaves an event feeling they’ve been ‘sold to.’

Instead, the focus is on questions and answers – starting conversations which can be followed up on a consultative basis. In effect, it’s almost reverse sales psychology.

David Lomas, CEO of M3 Publications which runs Thought Club, explains:

“Thought Club provides a sound foundation for business leaders and entrepreneurs to start their thought-leadership journey.”

“Your Conversations are most successful when they’re about the person you are talking with and not about your own business. Most people get it the wrong way round. Most people will invariably prefer to talk about their problems and challenges when given half a chance. The key is firstly, learn to listen and then be ready to put impactful questions to your audience”.

“Thought Club will add another dimension to your sales approach, enabling you to have impactful, thought-provoking conversations.”

Another key element of Thought Club events is how delegates are managed. Rather than a ‘free for all’ to visit, careful attention is given to our attendee list – including asking other attendees who they’d most like to see there. This gives our events an extra sense of exclusivity and professionalism.

David Lomas concludes: “People who attend our events come to be inspired, and to think in a different way. But, naturally, this understanding of Thought Leadership techniques can also result in sales without all the heavy-handed, often pushy, stages of a sales process.”

To find out more about Thought Club events, or try a session for yourself, contact David Lomas via or

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