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What is the Key to Content Marketing Success?

Most people realise that good quality content is fundamental to your marketing success.

Whether you are advertising your business, speaking at an event, presenting your offering at an exhibition or maybe getting your message out via social media, then you will need to create some sort of written, audio or visual content that you can use to attract your target audience.

Content Marketing Fails

The key to content marketing is to get the relevant information to your chosen prospect, or customer at the right time.

This description has described marketing for many years. The difference is that in today’s ‘attraction marketing’ environment we have to alter the way we write and present our content.

Most people fail at content marketing by pushing sales messages at their audience

We must no longer push out our sales message to people. We need to attract them to our expertise first, in order to gain their trust.

This means that the style of content and the value of the content we all produce, must be attractive to our prospects and show that we have some expertise in their sector, as well as our own. Then we have a much better chance of moving closer to a sale.

In this digital age  where many of us adopt a ‘Trip Advisor syndrome’, it is vitally important that we get others to actually talk about us, in a positive way.

Within the articles that we publish in our portfolio of digital magazines, we are able to position people as ‘knowledgeable’ and more importantly, influential in their chosen sector.

Isn’t one powerful statement from a credible source, endorsing your abilities, far more effective you continually pushing out a sales message promoting all the services you provide?

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