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M3 Connections business eventRBS Host M3 Business Event

RBS Host M3 Business Event

RBS Corporate Banking in Manchester have hosted the first business event in a series of Connections Events with Customer Acquisition specialists, M3 Media Publishing.

Held on Wednesday evening, this invitation-only event was attended by local business leaders and business directors.

Garry Samuels, Head of Business Strategy at M3 Media Publishing, was the speaker for the night and explained a few facts about their Prospect Engagement Programme.

He illustrated some powerful facts on how real engagement can be made with a target audience and how trust is critical to gaining new business.

“We are pleased to be working with Royal Bank of Scotland”, said Garry. “Our workshops address the positives of dealing with business growth and RBS have an untold wealth of experience to make things happen. It is great to give business leaders the opportunity to get introduced to and to collaborate with other good-quality business owners.”

, RBS Relationship Director, continued “The M3 Connections event was a great way of adding value to customers and prospects that we work with, in and around Manchester. There was a great atmosphere on the night which meant that everybody was able to easily interact with one another and gain new business connections that could help them grow their business”.

Rob concluded: “My thanks go to the team at M3 Media Publishing for the superb, thought provoking presentation they delivered on the night.”


If you are director or business leader based in Manchester or the North West and would like to make quality connections at a future event, please call M3 Media Publishing on 08450 519374.

Alternatively, fill in your details below and one of the M3 team will get in touch with you.

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    Baker Tilly host M3 Connections event for business owners and directorsBaker Tilly hosts successful M3 Connections Event

    Baker Tilly hosts successful M3 Connections Event

    M3 Media Publishing recently held another of their very popular M3 Connections events at the recently-opened offices of  their strategic partners, Baker Tilly in Preston.

    Guests were entertained by both David Lomas of M3 Media Group and well known speaker, Andrew Thorp* from Mojo Your Business who conducted a workshop around the question: ‘How do we find the pain in our prospects business – in order to be able to understand how to position our own offering?’

    This question was put to the directors and business owners in the usual discussion-style presentation which David and Andrew like to use, in order to stimulate thoughts from the room and to encourage good audience participation.

    The guests then start and quickly develop their individual discussions within small groups, made up of their fellow guests sitting at each table.

    During these discussions, guests are able to learn much more about their fellow business leaders and the different issues that they face and as a result, make valuable connections.

    This relaxed yet informative environment is condusive to forming great relationships with other businesses and plenty of valuable introductions were made on the night.

    If you are a director or business owner and wish to be invited to one of these events, please let us know.

    David Lomas
    M3 Media Publishing

    A word about our speaker…

    Andrew Thorp speaks about Storytelling*A graduate of Manchester University, Andrew Thorp is a professional speaker and a communication skills trainer.

    He is a co-founder of MojoLife and plays a key role in its leadership.

    Andrew spent many years in the golf & leisure industry as a referee, tournament organiser, marketing manager and journalist.

    Find out more about Andrew at Mojo Your Business

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    Connections event at Pareto proves successful

    Connections event at Pareto proves successful

    M3 Media Publishing run networking for directors at Pareto Law Tuesday 14th January welcomed over 40 guests to the latest M3 Connections Event, held in partnership with Pareto at their Head Office in Wilmslow.

    These regular events are designed to bring together business leaders from across the North West to promote the exchange of business contacts and referrals.

    Guest speaker was Andrew Thorp, who is the co-founder of Manchester-based Mojo Your Business. Andrew held an interactive workshop, delivering insights on ‘Creating a Connected Business’.

    Showing how we can all use story-telling as a tool for building rapport and for engaging employees, Andrew explored the power and impact of combining the macro, or bigger picture, with the micro, or more specific details of each story.

    The highly engaging presentation saw attendees then work in individual groups to come up with their own suggestions for stories, before a number of them shared theirs with the room as a whole.

    Introduced and concluded by David Lomas of M3 Media Publishing, the presentation also welcomed questions from delegates, promoting interaction and continuing discussion throughout.

    The evening concluded with drinks and informal networking amongst attendees, hosted in Pareto’s lounge reception.

    Pareto Marketing Director Paul Drew commented. “These events are a unique and valuable tool for local businesses to build a base of contacts in their region, with representatives attending from a range of industry backgrounds and organisations”.

    David Lomas added “We were extremely pleased with the whole event and the reaction from so many of the attendees, who commented on how many valuable connections they made on the night. We look forward to our next event here at Pareto on March 11th”

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    M3 event partnership proves good for Pareto

    M3 event partnership proves good for Pareto

    m3eventcharlotte&karenThe 12th of November recently saw Pareto Law partner media publishing experts M3 Publishing to deliver their bespoke ‘Connections’ event, held at the Pareto head office in Wilmslow.

    A presentation from Senior Sales Training Consultant Steve Lowndes, from Pareto, focused upon the importance of sales training and development in business.

    Steve outlined the Pareto offering as the Uk’s foremost and leading Graduate sales recruitment and training operation.

    Two other presenters contributed to what was a vibrant evening, with some fascinating discussions taking place afterwards over the refreshments.

    This joint venture drew business leaders from 23 different organisations across the Greater Manchester area for an evening of presentations, discussion and networking with great success.

    Would you like an invite to one of our Connections events for directors and business owners?

    If you are a business owner or director and you would like to meet like-minded entrepreneurs at one of our other invitation-only events in either Manchester, Preston or Liverpool, held in conjunction with Baker Tilly, please contact

    To see a more extensive report and photographs from the Pareto Connections event on their own website, please CLICK HERE

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    Social Media Success Story – Jonathan Cornes from JC Associates – Building Surveyors

    Social Media Success Story – Jonathan Cornes from JC Associates – Building Surveyors

    socialmediaapprovedby Jonathan Cornes, Surveyor

    I posted on twitter a couple of days ago, asking if anybody knew a land surveyor to do an urgent job in the Stoke on Trent area.

    Within 5 minutes I had three responses; one of which referred me to a land surveying company called Blueplan in Derby.

    I called them straight away, they knew I had enquired about them and acknowledged me as an existing customer.

    I thought that was brilliant, and I aim to be just as efficient!

    I sent them the details for the job. They sent me a quote within 15 minutes and I issued the instruction 15 minutes later!!!

    Social Media working at its’ best.

    Jonathan Cornes has been a contributor to Property Aspects Magazine. Find him at

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    Do you know what is meant by ‘attraction marketing’?

    Do you know what is meant by ‘attraction marketing’?

    Attraction-MarketingNowadays, as customers, we have access to an incredible amount of information online.

    We are able to check out, in advance of our buying decision, any products and services that we might need. This also includes those products that we are offered through commercial marketing channels and, of course, any services that we may have been offered via sales or business development people.

    In the past, we may have automatically agreed to a sales meeting in order to discuss and evaluate a product or service.

    Then of course we may end up being sold to!

    We now have a choice…

    Many of us now tend to go and research the products that we are considering buying. We now have such easy access to the Internet and this provides us all with the ability to evaluate our impending purchase in advance.

    More importantly, we now want to see what other people are saying about the businesses that we are looking to deal with – I call it ‘Trip Advisor Syndrome’.

    Have we not at some point been influenced by ‘guest comments’ when choosing a hotel? I know I certainly have.

    When we search for information, we are in effect, looking for someone to trust, someone to advise us correctly about making our decision to buy.

    It is therefore important that when we market our businesses using content, that we firstly use it to gain ‘trust’ before anything else.

    To do this, we have to give out advice and show that we are happy to help others, without ANY suggestion that we want something in return.

    This can be done particularly well, by keeping the amount we say, to a minimum.

    The phrase ‘less is more’ is very relevant in this situation.

    To make a small, but valuable comment about a critical issue affecting a prospective customer, can really enhance your reputation.

    It also gives your prospective customer real confidence in you and a positive impression of your ability.

    In summary, my advice to you…

    Keep it short and sweet and focus on the people you wish to meet!

    David Lomas
    M3 Media Publishing

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