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Why Should You Enjoy the Pain of Business Growth?

Business growth should always be a painful process.  If it was too easy, then everyone would be doing it.

To be successful, we expect to suffer in some way, but some of us actually enjoy this pain, especially when it’s not our own.  The simple question ‘why?’ will no doubt produce a varied selection of answers.

As business owners, we can’t be expert at everything, and we probably don’t all want to be.

A technician who needs to promote his business may wish he had better sales ability but, deep down, he’s probably happier working with his equipment and his calculations, than standing in front of an audience presenting his products or motivating his sales team.

Business Growth Pains

Many businesses suffer pain when it comes to acquiring customers or generating sales.  

In essence, their pain comes when trying to market their business, as their skill sets are stronger in the more fundamental areas of their business.

Many owners can’t make a decision about marketing. This is understandable, because they don’t always have expertise in that area. And with so many options available, they can’t be expected to understand enough about every aspect of social media, marketing and communication.

A sensible business will turn to an expert to help them in certain areas where they are not as competent.

When it comes to moving your business forward through marketing, you need to be quick and decisive, or others will pass you by and you may end up playing ‘catch up’ with your competitors!

Marketing success is in finding your customers’ pains.

Focus on the pain that your customers are feeling – and then focus your efforts on questioning them about how it affects their business.

If you can then offer them a workable and measureable solution, you will get the maximum attention from your prospect.

In today’s world of pull marketing, this is a strategy that fits beautifully with the way that consumers behave.

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