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Have you set out your Customer Corridor?

Customer Corridor from David Lomas at M3 MediaImagine a prospective customer walking down your ‘customer corridor’ to reach your office for your first meeting.

Your office is carefully positioned right at the far end of this potentially valuable customer corridor.

This is to ensure that you have some influence over them when they arrive. (Not dis-similar to how the supermarkets work – getting you to follow a carefully-planned route around their stores).

On the way along this customer corridor, your prospects are enticed to follow your route where they will pass by a selection of subtle images and messages about YOU.

These written an visual messages can be highlighting the advice you have been giving to other customers, in turn letting these prospects know about the things that YOU understand about THEIR business issues and THEIR sector.

Maybe picturing the ways other businesses, just like his, have benefited from your help and guidance in the past.

By the time he gets to your office, how do you think he now may be feeling about meeting you?

This is pure ‘Influencing’ not selling, and it works very effectively. Even more so if these messages can come from a 3rd party – which is a subtle form of endorsement – Creating a very powerful content strategy for your business.

I refer to my concept of ‘attracting customers via internet and social media’ as laying a trail of ‘Digital Breadcrumbs’.

How can It improve my sales conversion?

Well, ask yourself these questions…

How, after travelling along your carefully-designed corridor, may the picture of what you do, have improved in the mind of your prospect?

He should now know much more about you; and he thinks that he (or she) did this all by himself – he does not feel coerced.

How much better are your chances of now getting that sale?

Quite a bit I would think.

The more we know about someone’s business and behaviour, the more confident we are – and more likely to make a sales decision.

Nowadays, 67% of the information customers gain about you, is found by them, BEFORE they even make contact with you!

Why not take a look at how you can make content work for your business?

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