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Why could some people fail at content marketing?

Why could some people fail at content marketing?

Content MarketingContent marketing has become one of the latest buzzwords on the Internet over the last couple of years.

By now, most people do realise that good quality ‘content’ is fundamental to your marketing success.

Whether you are advertising your business, speaking at an event, presenting your offering at an exhibition or maybe getting your message out via social media, then you will need to create some sort of written, audio or visual content that you can use to attract your target audience.

What is ‘content marketing’ exactly?

Content marketing can be simply described as ‘Getting the relevant information to your chosen prospect, or customer at the right time’.

We have actually used this description to describe marketing for many years. The difference is that nowadays, in today’s ‘attraction marketing’ environment we have to alter the way we write and ‘present’ our content.

Most people fail at content marketing by pushing a sales message at their audience

We must no longer push out our sales message to people. We actually need to attract them to our expertise first, in order to gain their trust.

This means that the style of content and the value of the content we all produce, must be ‘attractive’ to our prospective customer. Then we have a much better chance of moving closer to a sale.

We must now show that we have some expertise in our customer’s sector, as well as just our own.

In this digital age  where many of us adopt a sort of ‘trip advisor syndrome’, it is vitally important that we get others to actually talk about us, in a positive way.

Within the articles we publish via our portfolio of magazines, we are able to position people as ‘knowledgeable’ and more importantly, influential in their chosen sector.

Isn’t one powerful statement from a credible source, endorsing someone’s abilities, far more effective than a person who is continually pushing out a sales message promoting all the services they can provide?

I believe so.

What is the key to producing good content?

The key to creating effective content is to ensure it engages with your specific target audience and offers them an insight into how you have helped others in their situation.

It is important to show that you understand your prospects business sector and the specific issues that they face.

David Lomas
M3 Media Publishing

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Why is content from a 3rd-party so powerful?

Why is content from a 3rd-party so powerful?

web-site-contentThe real power in marketing yourself and your business using content, is to have it written and published by someone with real credibility in your sector.

If your prospects and customers can get to read and even see you, being asked for advice on issues relevant to them, it can create confidence in you and helps develop real trust.

All customers need to learn about you first, before they consider whether to conduct business with you. They then need to ‘like’ what they see in order to trust you.

It is actually your ‘behaviour’ that people are watching, even though many of us do not realise this.

More importantly, they prefer not to hear a sales message from you – they want to hear and see your expertise.

They just want to hear solid advice and to see your ‘understanding of their business’ and it will be much more powerful if it comes from an independent and credible source.

Within our portfolio of magazines, we are able to show your thoughts and your expertise with an assured confidence that sits comfortably with your audience.

It is the first step in attracting a customer – showing your expertise in their sector.

This is actually one of the most important issues for decision makers – that YOU understand THEIR business sector, not just your own.

This is what you must convey to your prospective customer in your content whether in your articles or on your website.

If you get some 3rd-party content, published and positioned elsewhere, in front of your chosen target audience, then all that remains is to complete the ‘route to the sale’ by using a ‘conversion technique’ that helps to trigger a response from your target audience.

I will cover the subject of ‘Internet Conversion’ another time.

Good luck with getting some 3rd-party content!

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